Our letters are not for your leash

I agree… Our letters are not for your leash!!!! Let us stand together. up, stand out, stand boldly, STAND PROUD!!! Advertisements

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Today my heart is heavy…

Michael Brown Protest

Life has been busy; thus it has been a while since I wrote a blog post.  But today I woke up with the need to share… Today my heart is heavy…  As I watched the reactions of people, those I

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Thoughts Transform: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

So this morning I read a thought piece about a meme (image for the less trendy) of a plus-sized woman that is circling social media. The article caused me to do some personal reflection; have I been one of those

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Thoughts Transform: setting a caged bird free!

Caged Bird Poem excerpt

Are you a caged bird without a cage? The other day I read a blog post that got me to thinking… transformative thinking.  It featured a sensational discussion of differing perspectives regarding an image on Instagram, a social media site. 

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Today’s Thanks: appreciating a Teacher’s tough love!

Praise the bridge that carried you over

I have long since learned that most people like, dare I say love, to be appreciated.  Sometimes a simple “thank you” will suffice while other times a bigger gesture is needed.  Today I put the fingers to the keys to

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Thoughts Transform: Let Your Faith Shine

Let your faith shine through!

Today, in the spirit of #ThoughtfulThursday, I bring you the first of many posts on thoughts that may transform your outlook or enjoyment of life. Last week Maya Angelou, one of my all time favorite activists and poets, was called

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Today’s Words of Wisdom: Word’s Matter…


I have not posted for what feels like ages as my life has been non-stop chaos.  However, today there is a message in my spirit that I must share.  I receive daily inspirational words from a friend.  Today’s message on

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