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Meeting Joan Traumpauer Mulholland- a freedom rider

Often as a student affairs professional the work day rarely turns out as you expect.  March 4, 2013 was one of these types of days.  On this date I planned to use the morning to finalizing plans for an RA

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Ode to spending time with some of my favs at the @bueop Org Fair today. Love that so many recent grads came back to connect, mentor and show love. #SApro #ForTheCulture
Good morning! It’s a new moment, new day, new week to use your setbacks as stepping stones. I have faith that our present challenges are designed to make us individually and collectively better. Today, let’s focus our energy on creating and enacting solutions rather than laboring over the problem. What else can you do to push forward stronger? #RegisterToVote #Vote #Volunteer #Mentor #Coach #Teach #Conserve #Listen #BePresent #GiveLove #Donate #Canvass #UseYourVoice #Pray ••• #motivation #faith #solutionfocused
🎶She is love, and she is all I need.🎶 • Fill yourself up with so much self-love that you always remember you are more than enough. If they don’t have time when all you asked for is time, don’t waste your precious time nor love begging. #selflove #lifelessons #Parachute #selfie #silly #lovequotes
This is America... The land of those still striving to be free. #4thofjuly
Moving to New York from Florida in 2009 I had no clue of the power of our Unions. But since then @uupinfo has had our back through preventing wrongful termination, limiting impact of furloughs, securing cost of living increases, and so much more. I am a proud union member, and the SCOTUS ruling will not deter us! ・・・ The Supreme Court’s recent harmful 5-4 ruling in #JanusvAFSCME, which strips labor protections from American workers, only pushes our union sisters and brothers to fight harder! America and its workers need unions! #SupportUnions #Proactivist #GetUnionized
Amen to this! These times are definitely tough and my heart certainly bleeds for the chained in America, but i’m still so very thankful to see July 2018. Praying and reminiscing on the wonderful people I’ve met, places i’ve been and successes i’ve achieved lifts me. I’ve lived to watch love flow freely in so many ways; the free flow of eros, philia, storge, pragma, agape and positive philautia love moves me. Tomorrow isn’t promised, so I thank love, you, God, Mother Nature and the greater Universe for today! #Gratitude #Faithfilled #LoveWins #loveislove
This got me all the way in my feelings. A feeling I know all too well — to be desired in part, but never fully loved. I’m worth so much more, and so are you! 📸cc: @suezette
A little summertime fun... then pup Randy couldn’t resist and jumped into the pool. Great times last night!!!
Still reflecting on last week’s Black Millennial Political Convention (@bmcmovement) and one of the biggest take aways— there’s a seat at the table for all of us. Whether young or seasoned, able or differently-abled, cis or LGBTQ+, religious or atheist, gender conforming or gender expansive— the millennial perspective is pivotal to continuing forward progress. So, if them seats occupied and folks not trying to move then pull up with a portable and claim your spot! #bmpc2018 #bmpc #ForThePeople #OurTimeIsNow
Dinner date with Jazzy Bells, @hellojazell. So proud of and happy for you sis!!! 🤗😘
When we say the inaugural Black Millennial Political Convention (@bmcmovement) was one powerful labor of love, you really had to be there to experience! From trailblazing women leaders to congressmen to dynamic and determined millennial activists, it was jammed packed with courageous learning moments. My generation is ready, make space or move on over and let us work right now! #BMPC2018 #BMC2018 #ForThePeople
My soul is full and spirit lifted. Had a phenomenal time connecting with so many dynamic movers and shakers at the inaugural Black Millennial Political Convention (@bmcmovement). You definitely don’t want to miss the next one! #BMPC2018 #ForThePeople #HOLLA #HollaMoments #ForTheCulture #standwithblackwomen #blackmenneedlovetoo #BlackMagic