Thoughts Transform: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

So this morning I read a thought piece about a meme (image for the less trendy) of a plus-sized woman that is circling social media. 20140731-090611-32771391.jpg
The article caused me to do some personal reflection; have I been one of those people quick to judge and label this woman for her #audacious fashion sense and love of self? Yes maybe I once was, but not today. Today I applaud her because I know just how hard it is to step out into the world in a body that is less than ideal and will never land you a gig as fashion icon nor runway model. Well, fashion ideals are changing and plus-size fashion is growing, so who knows maybe I will- one day!

I color the lines and dress outside the box because i’m uniquely me; an original!

I have always been a full-figured/plus-sized female and I am not ashamed to admit this. For whatever reason God gifted me with health conditions, as a child and young woman, that caused my larger than average body despite me being both healthy and physically fit. I have also always subscribed to the philosophy that I wear what I want when I want despite what is in season or trending. Growing up in Florida might have something to do with my intense love of color or unconventional knack to wear shorts, skirts, and sandals in the winter and jeans, boots, and turtle necks in the summer. I color the lines and dress outside the box because i’m uniquely me- an original!

You can be body conscious without subscribing to society’s ideal height, weight, size, shape, skin complexion, and fashion sense.

I learned early on that beauty and fashion is in the eye of the beholder! In order to be the healthiest and happiest person you can be you have to first love the skin you are in! You can be body conscious without subscribing to society’s ideal height, weight, size, shape, skin complexion, and fashion sense. Be you, be bold, be #audacious! Today I challenge you to look in the mirror and tell yourself that you are beautiful exactly as you are…

Check out the full article and share your thoughts!



Principle designer at Noelle Ivey Designs, graphic, print & social media design for @mrcbu & @buodei, and #PSPfit Admin. I am a creative being that loves to read, sometimes write, but always watch and listen! My heart cries out for peace, love, acceptance and service of others.

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6 comments on “Thoughts Transform: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
  1. 1reddiva83 says:

    If I had described this photo it would be exposed. I am not saying that if a skinny woman walked out like this this I would be like beautiful.

    • Exposed is a better word than many gave her. Your honesty is refreshing. What makes your response even more poignant is the ability not solely to focus on her size, class, income, or the perceived lack of the two aforementioned!

  2. I love to let people wear what they want. However, there are some clothes that is just don’t do justice to the individual. My only disgust is when body parts are hanging out. What exactly are they advertising. Other than that I wear things together unconventionally and I love that about myself.

    • I agree, being unconventional can be a wonderful trait! In terms of the exposed body parts- distasteful is in the eye of the beholder and you have every right to feel that way as long as that distaste applies to everyone wearing the garment despite their size, shape, color, religion, sexuality, etc. My point, and the real problem, is that typically most peoples distaste only apply to certain persons!

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